TruShield secures your critical assets from cyber-attacks with Continuous Security Monitoring (CSM), our flagship 24/7 network monitoring solution.

Criminals use strategies such as phishing scams and more sophisticated attacks to disrupt your business activities, cause monetary damage while stealing critical data. With the average breach detection time of 206 days where criminals can easily cause disruption while proactively offloading pertinent information within your infrastructure. Once detected, remediation efforts take an average of 46 days at a cost of $21,155 each day, but this does equate to complete elimination of modern-day attacks. Take the time to review our video and see how we can help you today.

" Before TruShield, it felt like we were on our own when it came to IT security, and now we have an interactive partnership. We are able to make more thoughtful decisions and positive adjustments to our security posture based on advice we can trust. "

- Thrilled Customer, New York, NY

Now is the time to change for the better. These are the tools you can use. See how.

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